Elan Tactical Management leads the business team through creation of their profitability strategy uniquely designed for their business strengths and the market environment. Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the employees, the plan is executed expeditiously to maximize returns to the business.
Examples of successful projects are:
Accelerating profitability growth through acquisition
- improved EBITDA performance from negative 35% to positive 5% of revenues in less than 18 months
Refocusing the business to growth markets
- improved the competitive product positioning and channel strategies to move the company from negative revenue growth to approximately 50% annual revenue growth
Challenging monopolies through guerrilla marketing tactics
- financed a start-up business with unproven technology through innovative target marketing and deployment strategies
Launching new channel strategies to expand markets, scale growth
- achieved over 20% annualized subscriber growth by developing innovative sales channels
Driving costs down, quality up with Six Sigma process management techniques
- implemented continuous improvement quality techniques to manage production rationalization in a 4 plant, $200 million business